My Story

This photo is a picture of

the early days after birth.

I was born on June 19, 1984.

It is a type AB of Gemini.


Since have been born as a human,

I can not become a hate the people.
Age and position, and property status,

to discriminate against people in them,
We can think of that is not good.

It is free moderately more than anything.
That people talk about their dreams.

That it will continue to seek romance.
Trajectory of the stack of them miraculously,

I believe that to become a reality.
I love comics, knowledge gained from

it continues alive to this day.
I also love the song.

Race around in my head is five degrees area,
I will sing in relative pitch.

There is no such thing as absolute.

It is also the theme of life.


Sports : Baseball, Kendo, Table tennis,

             Golf and Snowboarding.


I did various things.

As other features,
Writing'm right-handed,Eat left-handed.

In the Chinese zodiac,

1984 born, Called "Koshi",

both the year of the beginning of

the beginning has been said.
It says a lot does not run out,

let's decided to speak here later it.















Water Droplets
Water Droplets

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Budding Tree
Budding Tree

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Lily Pond
Lily Pond

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Water Droplets
Water Droplets

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